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What to expect at a consultation

In order to understand your current health issues, we will need to work together over a period of time. Before your first consultation you will be asked to complete and return a comprehensive health, nutritional and lifestyle questionnaire and keep a three day food diary prior to your initial consultation. This will help me to understand your current lifestyle and eating habits so that I can start to build an overall picture of you.

An initial consultation will typically last 75-90 minutes during which time we will discuss current health concerns, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, medical history, family history, lifestyle, physical activity, use of medication, supplements and your diet. I will then evaluate your personal needs and develop a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan for you.

My individualised health programmes will typically involve the following elements and include ongoing email support in between appointments to help you to implement the recommendations:

• Detailed analysis of your dietary and nutritional intake
• Detailed review of health and family case history
• A strategy for health – linking the symptoms to nutritional imbalances and providing support and encouragement to change diet and lifestyle.
• Action plan – personalised advice for diet and lifestyle
• Supplement programme if appropriate
• Recommendation of non-invasive clinical tests, if required.

Follow up consultations are held 6-8 weeks after the initial consultation and last up to 1 hour.

What are the costs?


• Initial consultation (60 minutes): £85 including your personalised plan emailed to you, plus email support until your follow up.
• Further follow up appointment (one hour) recommended 8-10 weeks after the initial appointment with a updated plan: £49.

• *New option* – 30 minute phone call to discuss progress and fine tune: £30

My fees include several hours of my time researching and preparing before your consultation, additional time to research functional testing, supplements and write up your nutrition plan after we meet. In addition, you will receive a discount on any supplements that I recommend.

*I have a 24 hour cancellation policy and may require a deposit from you. If You cancel last minute I may need to deduct the clinic room costs.

Disclaimer: Nutritional therapy is not a replacement for medical advice and I will always refer any client with red flag signs or symptoms to their medical professional.

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