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I’m an experienced, registered Nutritional Therapist and hair mineral analysis consultant based in Worthing, West Sussex.

I work with adults and kids, usually with complex health conditions, or stage of life issues. I investigate not only nutritional imbalances, but environmental & lifestyle factors, such as stress, sleep and emotional health.

Functional nutritional therapy is about addressing the body as a whole, as nearly all health issues are connected in some way or other. I’m pro whole-food nutrition and I’ll support you in making sustainable changes in order to help you eat abundantly. I will help to identify what really works for you, (and it’s definitely NOT about having to count calories!). My focus begins with gut healing, blood sugar balancing and liver support, and I put emphasis on this in your personalised plan. Long term health improvements are not only possible, they’re what we’ll be working on from your very first consultation.

Through careful analysis of the information you provide in your health questionnaire and during your consultation, I work to create a therapeutic plan for you that will take into consideration not only diet, but lifestyle, environment and emotional health as well. My intention is to support and educate you to make the changes to help restore you to true health and vibrancy.

I specialise in Hair tissue  mineral analysis (HTMA) and find that this test is a really great starting point to uncover any imbalances, insufficiency or toxicity. I will create for you a tailored mineral balancing plan to help set you up on your path to true health. You can find out more about HTMA here.I do also offer further clinical testing to help uncover what is causing symptoms of ill health.

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My Personalised Recommendations Include:


Healing and supporting the digestive system


Finding the ideal way of eating for you


Reducing your toxic load


Identifying and rebalancing deficiencies


Offering strategies to reduce stress
Some of the conditions I can help you with include:
  • chronic fatigue/M.E; Fibromyalgia
  • poor digestion with symptoms of IBS
  • GORD/acid reflux
  • weight loss
  • allergies
  • depression
  • hormone imbalances such as PMS, PCOS, thyroid issues, and helping you navigate puberty, fertility and menopause
  • skin conditions such as Psoriasis and eczema
  • diabetes
  • children with ‘ADHD’ symptoms
  • whole body support while going through Cancer treatment


“I’d just come out of a very stressful period and it’s been helpful to review how this had been affecting me and consider with Nic how adjusting my diet and incorporating supplements could boost my health. Nic’s recommendations felt achievable and I’ve had positive results already in my mood and how energised I’ve been feeling. Having the hair tissue mineral analysis has meant that Nic has been able to tailor her personalised plan even more accurately and I’m looking forward to seeing the impact. It’s been a really inspiring and empowering process.” Louise M
“Hair mineral analysis takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out if you are really getting the right nutrition, and it helps to have someone knowledgeable to interpret the results. Nic is friendly and approachable and without a doubt knows her stuff. With her input, I’m now following a programme of nutrition and supplementation that is personally tailored to me. I would definitely recommend (and already have)”. Carmel O
“I went to see Nic 3 months ago to have a hair mineral test. After receiving my results Nic tailored a suggested eating and supplement plan for me. I have been following this since then and have found that my energy levels have massively increased and most of the symptoms I had have either improved or completely resolved. I’m looking forward to seeing what my hair test is going to say in a months time. I would highly recommend Nic as she is incredibly knowledgeable and supports you in a non-judgmental way.”. Irene E
I was feeling very stressed, had no energy and was very low in myself. I also have bronchiectasis, a lung complaint, and am often ill. Our first meeting went well and Nic took hair samples for analysis and also suggested a new diet for me. Once the results came back from the hair samples Nic explained everything to me and devised a nutritional plan especially for my needs. I have been with Nic for four months and in that short time I can honestly say that I am amazed with the improvement I have made. I now have much more energy, am not so breathless, and am finding it much easier to cope with my stress. I still have some way to go with my healing journey and feel very positive about it. A friend said to me recently “You look alive again”! Jan Brooker
“Highly recommend – I had the hair analysis test which helped identify areas lacking in my diet. Nic helped me tweak my diet which has given me much more energy and made me feel calmer.” Katie M, Hove
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