About Me

Hi, I’m Nic and I am a registered Nutritional therapist and Hair Mineral Analysis consultant. As well as working with people online, I now work locally in Worthing plus the Hove and Shoreham areas.

I first discovered the connection between diet, lifestyle and health in my mid-thirties when I was living in Sydney and working in a stressful teaching job. I was also partying, staying up late and not eating too well, and this cumulative stress led my body to reach ‘burnout’: both mental and physical fatigue. After several years of trying to fix myself with different diets, with varying results, I moved back to the UK and began studying nutritional therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Brighton.

After the birth of my eldest son, and in an volatile marriage, (plus the pressure of  working & studying), I found myself developing symptoms of crushing fatigue. Extreme sluggishness, head fog and food sensitivities were some of my symptoms, and I was eventually diagnosed with “Chronic fatigue syndrome” (CFS). As I began to dig deeper into the cause and reasons behind my symptoms, I discovered Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), which helped me track my symptoms, imbalances and progress. I left my unhealthy marriage and made some lifestyle and environmental changes. I implemented mineral balancing (electrolytes and proper hydration were KEY), alongside liver and gut support. I allowed myself space for emotional healing, and I then began to see some huge improvements.

I am now a mum of 2 and am experienced in working with children and adults with complex health conditions. Each person is unique and I will create for you a personalised program including lifestyle recommendations plus the right food to eat based on your individual needs. I am an advocate of food-based nutrition. I use foods, herbs and mostly food-state supplements in my programs for optimal absorption and bioavailability. I am fully insured and a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.