Hair mineral analysis

What is Hair Mineral Analysis?

A hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) is a soft tissue biopsy that provides an in-depth look at your individual biochemistry at a cellular level. Blood analysis provides a ‘snapshot’ of what is presently circulating that very moment, whereas the hair reveals the biochemistry of the previous 3 months- inside the cell, not just the blood serum. Deficiencies are revealed much sooner than in the blood or the urine- offering an early warning system.

This method of testing has been used for at least 100 years worldwide to screen for the level of 20 crucial minerals like magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, zinc and copper. It also tests for toxic metals like mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and aluminum- all of which can create massive health issues.

It is a non-invasive relatively inexpensive method of testing and is very accurate. HTMA is an excellent method for assessing, monitoring and guiding the correction and improvement of one’s body chemistry before deeper imbalances set in.

HTMA can determine:

  • The stage of stress and the effects on the body
  • Metabolic rate and energy levels
  • If your diet is working properly for you
  • If you are dealing with candida and gut absorption issues
  • Sugar and carbohydrate intolerance
  • How well your thyroid and adrenals are performing
  • Immune system activity
  • If you are dealing with heavy metals- toxic metals concentrate in the soft tissues not in the blood or the urine. Hair analysis is acknowledged to be one of the few ways to detect toxic metals.
  • Gives a view of the body over the course of 3 months and allows us to determine how well the body is utilising nutrients; whether burning through due to stress or lacking the ability to make them bioavailable.
  • Monitoring progress- repeat tissue mineral tests and comparison with previous tests can often provide answers as to whether improvement id occurring, why some symptoms persist, and what to expect in the future.

This screening test is used to reduce the guesswork involved when recommending nutritional supplements and dietary modifications. Testing is recommended every 3-6 months and with the guidance of myself, it will help set you on a path to recovery. For further information, including background on on HTMA, please have a look at and 

I have personally been following a mineral balancing program for 2 years and have seen a huge improvement in my own health issues, and I’ve been able to track my progress along the way. I completed my training in mineral balancing science and HTMA interpretation with Kristen Merizalde at the Mineral Mavens academy in the U.S, and am now one of her recommended practitioners.

I also have a Facebook group for support on all things nutrition and mineral balancing- you can join here.

What’s included in the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis package

  • I offer the HTMA test package for £159, this includes my customised written analysis with additional nutritional, lifestyle and supplemental recommendations for mineral balancing, a 60-75 minute Skype consultation to discuss health concerns and to go over the analysis, plus email support for 3 months after the initial report.
  • A retest/child’s test is £139, including personal written analysis, 60 minutes Skype consultation plus email support for 3 months following test results.
  • Analysis of an existing test, is charged at £120 for an adult’s test and £100 for a child’s test.

I will send you a test kit  and then you simply send off your hair sample in the pre-paid envelope to Mineral Check, who will mail the sample to TEI labs in the US. The results are then ready in about 2 weeks. Taking the hair sample is fairly easy, it simply involves cutting a small amount of hair from the region at the back of the head between the occipital bone and the nape* (I am happy to send you more info with a diagram on how to do this). The lab requires 100mg, which is approximately a heaped teaspoon of hair. If your hair is less than 3cm long (1.5 inches) keep all of it for testing. If it’s longer, keep the 3cm of hair that was closest to the scalp and cut off and discard the rest. Please do message me on my contact page with details on how to book or if you have any questions.

*If you colour your hair: 4-6 weeks of new growth is preferred. The sample that is needed has to be cut as close to the scalp as possible. If your hair dye has bleach or peroxide, you will have to either wait for new growth or leave a hidden section un-tinted.

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